Monday, 2 May 2011

We've Got A Bleeder

   After receiving the following missive from Melbourne-based correspondent, Joe Hard Times Molloy, the Comments will be delayed for a day in order to give us time to wade through three hours of grappling, smacking, bleeding action:

Fantastic guest appearance Marco. You may have inspired me to chip in with something on the ancient and honourable art of fisticuffs. Especially considering 55,000 Canadians are watching their golden boy Georges St. Pierre defend his UFC title tomorrow.

It's truly the most exciting sport in the world people. As good as watching Messi score without having to wait for two hours. And unlike his teammates, when people fall down they have genuinely been kicked in the face.

   While we’re not followers of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), we do have plenty of respect for the opinions of Hard Times, particularly so when it comes to bloodsports. He is after all the man who coined the phrase “What would Fedor do?”, in tribute to the Russian hardman Fedor Emelianenko, who can be seen here hurting some people very badly. Consequently we downloaded yesterday’s fisticuffs extravaganza and will watch over it today and include a report on it tomorrow, along with a look at the Prem results, the Breakers and whatever else catches our fancy. If Hard Times, or anyone else for that matter, wants to give an assessment of the UFC event we would welcome a more expert viewpoint than our own.

   We also received some Comments from Rowan Sane about the new internet law in NZ:

OK just to be clear about one thing - if the thing you want to download in the future isn't owned by a giant media conglomerate you will be fine. If Sony aren't selling it, they won't care that you're downloading it (for example). The sky-prem-piratebay example might lead to trouble though. That said, the law is obviously an ass, and apparently easily dodged by the technosavvy anyway. Mostly a scare tactic is what I'm hearing.
-Rowan Sane

   Any other thoughts on this are also welcomed. And lastly before tomorrow we’d like to recommend this music blog from our Southern correspondent, Shaun of the South. Good reading and some cool clips.
   Until the morrow.

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