Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Extreme Ironing Emergency Quorum

Unfortunately the Comments Team has been called away to an emergency quorum to discuss whether this event should be rushed into Olympic competition for London 2012. We are all strongly in favour, but find we are butting heads with the vapid idiots who believe that golf and Rugby Sevens are more deserving of Olympic status. As can be seen here, the sport is making headlines worldwide and is surely worthy of more recognition. For those of you who may be skeptical as to the actual reality of this wonderful event, here is a Top Ten list featuring extensive footage of competitors at their best. Truly wonderful, as we’re sure you will agree.

   We’ll be back from the meeting in a couple of days with some discussion on the successful changes to the F1 cars that resulted in the excellent Chinese Grand Prix, as well as a match report from a Korean baseball game (for those of you who can stand the excitement) and a look at the relegation battle in the Prem.

   That is all.

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